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At Nandaavana Promoters we know that when you’re looking for a home, you’re looking for a place where you can unwind, entertain, express yourselves and make memories. We work hard to deliver that and much more.

Headed by a group of environmentally conscious individuals, we specialise in creating innovative, Eco-friendly designs so you can enjoy a living space that not only looks special but is healthy too.

We provide a better infrastructure which makes you to feel, you are acquiring a home as individual as you are. We pride ourselves on our ability to apply our artistic inspiration to maximize the uniqueness of each site and to create a home that will be an enduring representation of each client’s dream.

With our efforts and accomplishments being recognized and appreciated, we wish to delight many more customers in the years to come by delivering homes that remains close to their hearts.

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To be a world-class family owned specialist contracting business that will grow to be the most respected in the construction and services sectors.


To provide specialist contracting and services solutions in an environment where people feel safe, secure and valued.

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